Are you wondering if you need a coach?

Think about the top athletes, artists, business people in the world, they all have or had a coach at some stage in their career. Their coach will have been pivotal in enabling them to achieve success in their different fields. But coaching isn’t just for the people looking for success in their career or business.

A coach is a person who guides you, supports you, motivates you, encourages you, listens to you, advises and inspires you to be the best that you can be. The ally we all need in our lives at one point or another! A health and wellness coach will be all of this as you bring awareness to the areas of your life that need it most. A wellness coach will encourage you to make conscious choices to make lasting lifestyle and behavioural changes to your life and mind-set.

life-coach-salaryWe live in a quick paced world where huge expectations, pressures and stresses are placed on our shoulders. Often times we coast through life, trying to keep our head above water, trying to meet all of the conditions set by our family, friends or society. But at the end of the day we feel weary, unfulfilled, frustrated, fed-up and wanting more, wanting a change!

Other times we feel like we are flying high and feeling great about the life we have created for ourselves except for one area of our life we cannot seem to work out. Maybe it is diet, relationships, personal development we want to change but everything you’ve tried so far, just hasn’t worked.

Choosing to make a change is where your coaching journey will begin. Change is scary and intimidating but everything you ever wanted is on the other side of that fear. Maybe it is time to take a leap into the unknown?

managing-changeThere are no quick fixes in lifestyle change. It takes time to make positive and lasting changes in our lives. You may even have tried to make these changes before but after a couple of weeks, old habits crept back in or life got too busy. You may even have convinced yourself that the goals you were trying to achieve, big or small, were unimportant or fanciful. This is where your coach will step in to remind you why this goal was important in the first place, to support you, to guide you and offer tools and techniques to help you achieve them.

As a Health and Wellness Coach I will hold space for you, wherever you are on your journey in life. With a non-judgemental and compassionate ear, I will listen to you story and help you to create a new vision and a unique map for your ultimate health and wellbeing.

I will remind you of all of the resources and tools you already have within and I will offer some more tools and techniques that may help you along your way. You will decide what will work best for you, as you are the driver in your life journey, not your coach.

We will work together to help you to overcome the barriers that have stopped you in the past from reaching your goals. While I cannot make the changes for you, I will be there every step of the way to encourage you, guide you and to challenge you. I will be there to celebrate the wins, big and small and to support you when you hit a bump in the road.

I will endeavour to rekindle the fire in your belly, the passion and creativity within and to take back your power to live a life you are in control of.

Take back your power and start living the life that you were born to live.

Take the first step now, get in touch to book your first session!



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